Bagoss stagionato 24 mesi

540 gr c.a.
Cooperativa Valle di Bagolino
Ingredients: semi-skimmed raw cow's milk, natural rennet powder veal, salt, saffron. Best before: 30/06/2016

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The term Bagoss means "Bagolino". Bagoss is therefore cheese Bagolino, in essence the "King of the Alps". The Ancients Doges of Venice took the cheese golden and that's why an oriental spice saffron becomes part of the legend of Bagoss.


Cooperativa Valle di Bagolino

The cooperative Bagolino Valley is the only cooperative that produces Bagòss. It collects 97% of the current producers and has made a mark by imparting cold directly on the cheese over the entire circumference of the form.

Tips of Use

Intensely flavored aromatic sometimes spicy, Bagoss is a table cheese that lends itself to be grated. In combination it requires great red wines, structured and powerful, like Amarone, Barolo or Chianti. Paradoxically, just as well it is accompanied with a classic method sparkling wine.


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