Box Risotto with beetroot and creama of blue cheese

1 kg
Architettura del Gusto

MENU 4 People
Ingredients : "Riso Buono" Carnaroli 1 kg, Cream of beetroot 180 g Vegetable broth 200 g Cream Erborinato San Carlo - Luigi Guffanti 1876 105 g - Pinot Nero “Miraggi”

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Recipe created by Chef Enrico Bartolini. Acclaimed by food critics as one of the most talented among the youth of our country, Chef Bartolini got only 29 years his first Michelin star, the second at 33, consecrating definitely world-class chef. Krug Ambassador since 2013. Along with other renowned Chef, has been named "CHEF AMBASSADOR" for EXPO 2015.


Architettura del Gusto

Passion, curiosity, creativity are the three key words that led a group of friends to give life to an ambitious project, to make available, at home, a virtual chef, a recipe Starry, of exclusive ingredients, carefully chosen, excellence of Italian culinary tradition.

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Risotto with beetroot and creama of blue cheese

Ricetta di Enrico Bartolini


20  min     

Price People €13,22


Additional ingredients to be found:

• Natural water
• 900 g butter
• 150 g Grana Padano 150 g
• White wine
• 100 g salt
• ¼ lemon juice (squeezed Express)

Preparation for 4 persons

Dilute the stock with plain water and let it boil. Melt in a water bath the blue cheese cream. Toast the rice in a little butter, add some white wine and let evaporate. Continue cooking adding the hot broth and a little salt. Bake for about 11 minutes (no more). Remove the risotto from the heat and stir in butter, parmesan, a little lemon juice and finally the cream of cold beetroot. When the risotto will be creamy Serve well and squirt, with the help of a spoon, the blue cheese cream, previously melted in a double boiler.


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