Casciotta d'Urbino DOP

445 gr c.a.
Caseificio Val D’Apsa
Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk and cow's milk, salt, rennet and lactic vaccini. Surface with preservatives E 235, E203, E 202.
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Produced exclusively in the province of Pesaro - Urbino , Casciotta of Urbino is one of the oldest cheeses of Italy and its origins date back around the ' 500 . It ' a cheese that comes from a mixture of lacto sheep ( 70-80 % ) and cow's milk . Soft cheese and crumbly and sweet and pleasant .


Caseificio Val D’Apsa

The Caseificio Val d'Apsa is a family business , specializing in the production of sheep cheeses and high-quality mixed . The products sell processed milk Italian , mostly local to obtain selected products and unique , created to bring the consumer a genuine taste of the cheese produced in the traditional way . While working in the tradition , the cheese factory Val d' Apsa experiences and create new products to bring to the wonderful world of cheese even the youngest

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