Modicana chocolate with pepper

100 gr
Donna Elvira
Ingredients: 50% min. organic cocoa Dominican Republic, Sicilian chili, organic brown sugar. Best Before: 31/12/2016

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With a bar of chocolate from gr.100 Modicana Hot Pepper you can prepare an excellent drink : In a saucepan put ml.250 water and chocolate pieces . Put on the stove and bring to a boil whisking , just climbing a dense foam turn reddish . This dose filled three cups of fragrant tea and hot chocolate enveloping . It's also an excellent aid for bronchitis and colds


Donna Elvira

Donna Elvira farm has been producing traditional products for over 15 years, preserving and the culinary heritage belonging to community of Modica. The farm is able to mix together past and present, with the desire to give the modern recipes the connection with both the memory of ancient times and the simple, slow and silent ritual of the convents.


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